5 Phase Stepping Motor Driver- DC input type
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5 Phase Stepping Motor Driver- DC input type

Feature of Products
  • More low-priced and compact size micro step driver.
  • Drive Current : 0.35A/phase, 0.75A/phase, 1.4A/phase
  • Drive and Holding current selectable from 16 values
  • 2 microstep resolution can be selected from 16 choices. 2 selected resolution is switchable
  • The use of the optocoupler input circuit help prevent interference
  • The hidden automatic current decrease function can suppress the temperature of the moto from rising
  • Excellent low vibration performance at Full or Half step drives
  • The safety standard certifications of this series of products are as follows

Application Occasions
Lightweight miniaturized micro step drivers, suitable for those with special needs for low vibration
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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