“Help all people achieve happiness, and work with people to make their dreams come true ”
SANYO DENKI Taiwan Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of SANYO DENKI Japan Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan. SANYO DENKI Japan Co., Ltd., established in 1927 with about 3,000 global employees and capital of 9.9 billion yen, is a Japanese stock listed company. In addition to Japan, it also established business locations around the world such as in the United States, France, Germany, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China Shanghai and so on. In addition to the domestic factories in Japan, in 2000, SANYO DENKI PHILIPPINES, Inc. (Philippines) was established. In 2009, the Kangawa Works was established and was a highly automated production plant which could enhance product competitiveness.
The main business of SANYO DENKI is to develop, to design, to manufacture and to sell the following products:
  1. Servo Motor, Stepping Motor, Motor Driver
  2. Fan Motor
  3. Hybrid UPS
  4. Photovoltaic Inverter
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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