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Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation is headquartered in Shilin District, Taipei City and was founded in 1955. It is affiliated with the Yeang-Der Group, whose related enterprises include AMBASSADOR HOTELS & RESTAURANTS, HCT Logistics, Hsin Chu Golf Country Club and Hsinchu Yeang-Der senior high school. With more than 60 years of experiences and excellent technology, Shihlin Electric focuses on the development and manufacture of power-related products to continuously improve product quality and service, and also to provide a complete product line widely used in steel, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, electronics, construction business, public works, auto parts, household livelihood and many other industries and fields.

Shihlin Electric products are used in a wide range of industries, the main commodity servo motor drivers, inverters, human-machine interfaces, such as the highest response pulse frequency up to 500kpps.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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