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MICROSTEP Co., Inc. (マ ク テップ) was founded in 2000 and the original manufacturer of developing micro-step driver in Asachi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The company's main product is 5-phase step motor driver. MICROSTEP was previously mainly work as OEM sales and in 2001, set up a sales department to start selling products so that it can obtain more direct customer feedback.

In 2002, we developed and sold low-cost, space-saving drivers including a multi-axis single-board driver.
In 2003, we also developed the industry's first DC5V-powered driver with high popularity of the customers.
With the development of these original ICs, we have a diversity of product lineups that meet a wide range of customer needs, from products with high-performance to products with only the necessary function so that the costs can be reduced.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
  • 5 Phase Stepping Motor Driver- AC input type
  • 5 Phase Stepping Motor Driver- DC input type
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