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Product introduction, motor testing, technical seminars and other related videos, the content is exciting!

■Product introduction
  • The debut of new products by Taiying Technology
  • Communication type 2phase stepper driver — SU Series
  • Positioning Type Speed Control Motor — AIO/AIOM Series

■product testing
  • AIO Positioning Type Speed Control Motor:Broadcast Group Messaging Test
  • AIO Positioning Type Speed Control Motor:DELAYTIME Testing

  • KAMO
    • Introduction and Selection of KAMO Website

    Online technical seminar
    • SU Product Symposium
    • AIO Product Symposium
    • New Product Display Product Symposium
    • EtherCAT Introduction and Application of Servo Motors

    • 2022Distributed industrial control system EtherCAT&Modbus
    • 2021Towards Industry 4.0 and towards smart manufacturing
    • 2019Steering gear type Automatic Guided Vehicle realizes smart factory
    • 2018Automated Guided Vehicle solutions─Steering Gear Type,Omnidirectional type