Company Profile

Company Profile

Sunholy Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sunholy") was founded in 1971 and worked as oil sales agent for Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. In 1979, the small industrial precise motor products were officially introduced from 'Japan Oriental Motor Co., Ltd.' while the domestic industrial production machines and equipment were in the industrial automation transformation enlightenment stage and the concept about the power source of machines for industries 'motor' were still limited in medium and large-scale horsepower power motors from TECO, Tatung and so on. The experience of the selection, application and use of “precise small gear motors” with small volume and excellent control were still unmatured.

In the beginning with "almost nothing", Sunholy used "technology-assisted sales" deep-cultivated business model to look forward to becoming a "cultivator" of industry upgrading with a marketing focus to meet customer demand so as to teach and assist customers with “selecting and using correctly” all types of motor products.

After 8 years of hard work, Sunholy has been recognized and appreciated by customers and has gradually established a professional reputation such as “Sunholy with Technology and Service” and “Good Motors only in Sunholy” to turn Oriental Motor into the first imported brand in Taiwan and then in 1986, Sunholy officially became the exclusive agent for Oriental Motor in Taiwan.

In 1987, Sunholy set up sales offices in Zhongli, Taichung and Tainan one after another to provide real-time “technology and services” to customers throughout Taiwan and in 1988 held the first free and unprecedented “Motor-Fair” for the domestic industries, which hoped that through the regular implementation of such motor fairs, the technical capabilities of selection, application and use of 'precise small motors' of industries could be enhanced and also translated all Japanese catalogs, application of technical data, user’s manuals into Chinese to meet the needs of the great number of domestic customers.

Over the past 30 years, there have been more than 150 “Taiwan tour Motor-Fair motor application exhibitions and technology seminars” held regularly and more than 2000 small and irregular 'Factory Technology Seminars’ held in customers’ factories in which the total number of participants has exceeded 10,000. The activities above have benefited more than 1,000 domestic customers so that the domestic industry automation can be enhanced with the assist from Sunholy.

In 1994, Sunholy provided customers with a deeper "Prospective and Considerate Technical Service", two customer service units: the first "Technical Consulting Service via Telephone – TS for short" and "Engineer Technical Service Center in the Factory– FS for short" to provide customers with pre-sales service "Technology of Selection and Use" and after-sales service “Troubleshooting”, “Technical Support” and “Improvement Proposal” as a comprehensive service system which can deepen the industries’ correct understanding and application of “precise small motors”. Such services have been appreciated by a great number of customers.

In 2001, a significant change in the domestic and foreign industrial environment occurred with the rise of "World Factory - China". How can Sunholy review its industrial position? How can it expand its product services to the customers horizontally? How can it meet the needs of different levels of customers? As a result, Sunholy changed from its original role as “General Agent for Oriental Motor in Taiwan" to an “Automated Commodity Professional Distributor” with the core of ''technology”, “service”, “quality” and “channel” as the company's future position.

Besides the original Oriental Motor, Sunholy provided customer diverse and multi-level product selection and professional technical consulting services of “Japan SANYO DENKI - servo system, stepping system, fan, UPS power system”, “Japan KAMO SEIKO CORPORATION - trochoid cam gear (TCG) and ball reducer (BR)”, “UK HUCO – coupling”, “Japan MICRO STEP - stepper motor driver”, “Japan Koshin Seiko - torque control device”, Japan NIDEC_Sankyo - servo motor” and “Taiwan TROY - brushless motor, induction motor, gearbox and controller”, etc.

In 2003, based on the belief that service should keep pace with the time, Sunholy provided the first 0800 free technical consulting hotline for the domestic industries to meet the real-time demand of all customers in Taiwan for consulting the technology of each series of products.

Sunholy can promote various technical service measures to the great number of customers all the time with the concept "customer-based" not just by adhering to the feedback “What Sunholy has taken from customers shall be used for customers" but also because the company itself has reserved the key technical capabilities of various products, it can provide the right technical point of views and suggestion to customers.

In March 2005, Sunholy was merged with the business and technology systems with the TROY Enterprise Co., Ltd., and established the 'Hsinchu Sales Office' to provide more direct and immediate technical services to the customers of high-tech semiconductors in the great Hsinchu region.

In 2012, in response to the high expectations of Taiwanese businessmen in China, “Technical Service Centers” were established in eastern China - Kunshan and in southern China - Xiamen.

In 2013, Xiamen Logistics Center was established for shipping products directly to every region of China, and the "Cloud Technical Service" was also launched such as Motor Angel Technical Consulting, Sunholy Helper APP for real-time online service and so on.

In 2014, in response to the industrial demand trends of Industry 4.0-Industrial Internet of Things, “Tnet Network communications series”, “EtherCAT servo motor series”, “AGV Automatic Guided Vehicle Solutions”, “EtherCAT robot motion controller series” and “BU/SBU brushless motor series network communication products” were launched one after another.

Sunholy has not only upheld the commitment to customers and the fine tradition “Integrity and Diligence” for more than 30 years, but also provided customers with good products and services with the cores of Technology, Service and Quality to help them enhance their competitiveness, which has made contribution to the promotion of the domestic industries.

Company Characteristics

  • A wide range of products, complete specifications
  • Fast delivery, reliable service
  • Excellent technology, recognition from all industries
  • Complete pre- and after-sales service system

Business Philosophy