Stepper Motor Driver
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Stepper Motor Driver

Feature of Products
  • Suitable for 2 phase and 5 phase stepper motors of various brands
  • The safety standard certifications of this series of products are as follows

Application Occasions
High performance PWM constant current drive, low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise.
SMD design, high circuit stability.
With automatic current drop circuit, effectively suppress temperature rise.
With self-detection function, easy line inspection.
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  • 2 Phase Micro-Step Type TR24F-D
  • 2 Phase Micro-Step Type with Simple Pulse Controller TR22PG-D、TR24PF-D
  • 2 Phase Micro-Step Type TR22G-D
  • 2 Phase Micro-Step Type– 3 Axis Type TR22GC-D3Z
  • 5 Phase Micro-Step Type TR514H-F
  • 5 Phase Simple Type TR515B、TR530B (Discontinued, substitute TR515BN、TR530BN)
  • 5 Phase Simple Type TR515BN、TR530BN
  • 5 Phase Micro-Step Type TR514H-D