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Couplings Series

Feature of Products
Flexible Coupling:
  • One-Boby Shape , Backlash-free, High rigid
  • For occasion with large angle errors.
Three Piece Coupling:
  • High Rigidity、High Torque、Anit-vibration
  • Larger eccentricity and error of angle deviation allowable, non-backlash
Rigid Coupling:
  • Super High Rigid、High Torque、Low inertia

Application Occasions
→Flexible Coupling
The bridge connecting the transmission between the motor and the machine (load) can effectively absorb the errors generated during installation which is suitable for occasion with large angle errors.
→Three Piece Rigid Coupling
The link transmission bridge of servo machines, XY platforms, measurement devices, medical machines, vending machine flow meters and air conditioning machines is suitable for eccentric occasions.
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