Product Application
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Product Application

  • Automatic Transport System
    Applicable for operation requires simple positioning. Utilize the slow acceleration, slow deceleration and braking functions of Brushless Motor to present fairly smooth action performance.
    • Panel transport
    • Weighing conveyor equipment
  • Food Production Line
    DC Brushless Motor has the features of small size, high output, constant output torque at high/low speed. It is applicable for the food production line required high speed response.
    • Fruit dryer
    • Coffee bean appearance detection
    • Straw packing machine
  • Electronic Equipment Production Line
    Since the Motor speed is flexible for adjustment, it is applicable for the different operations of electronic Component plug-in, welding, assembly and inspection. In addition, due to stable rotating speed, the production yield rate is also enhanced accordingly. The layout in the between is easy to change.
    Consequently, this able to lower the system cost and facilitate system maintenance.
    • Blind spot radar detection
    • Automatic storage door
  • Automation equipment
    Mechanism Application:Belt type mechanism/ Drive arm joint
    Key demand:Stable operation / Accuracy positioning
    • Cosmetic equipment
    • Arm joint dispenser
    • Plastic injection molding machine
  • Textile equipment
    Mechanism Application:Screw mechanism
    Key demand:Reach the demand for accuracy positioning and high walk-stop frequency
    • Sucks sewing machine
    • Powder feeder
  • PCB Manufacturing Process Equipment
    Mechanism Application:Belt type mechanism
    Key demand:High speed high response, high positioning requirement → Enhance production capacity.
    Size miniaturization → Machine becomes more compact.
    Saving energy, low loss → Meet energy saving requirement.
    Low temperature rise, no fan design→Meet clean room requirement.
    • Automatic pallet machine
    • PCB plasma cleaner
  • CNC Grinding Equipment
    Mechanism Application:Grinding head
    Key demand:Constant torque at high/low speed, stable motor speed → Enhance grinding quality.
    Enhance motor IP class → Improve motor durability
    • Engraving machine
    • Grinder machine
    • Angler machine
  • Medical equipment
    Mechanism Application:Screw mechanism
    Key demand:Reach the demand short distance for and high-speed positioning frequency
    • Counting machine
    • Virus detector machine
    • Drug packing machine
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle
    Mechanism Application:Dual -Steering Gear machine
    Key demand:Reach the demand for stable operation, flexible operation and high load
    • Automation
    • Logistics and transportation systems
    • Automatic Guided Vehicle System
  • sports equipment
    Mechanism Application:Belt type mechanism
    Key demand:Reach the effect of increasing or decreasing resistance
    • Spinning bicycle