2-Phase Stepping Motor Systems
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2-Phase Stepping Motor Systems

Feature of Products
  • Can be positioned with high-precision
  • There are a variety of products to choose from, such as the smallest and lightest 14mm sq. ultra-small motor in the industry and the thin-type motor with a body length of only 11.4mm.
  • Superior water and dust resistance, protection rated is IP65.
  • The safety standard certifications of this series of products are as follows

Application Occasions
The SANMOTION F2 can be used in a wide variety of applications, including fixed-speed drive synchronized to a command pulse, accurate positioning, and stable stopping. Semiconductor devices, analytical and testing devices used in medical and environmental fields, ATMs, monitoring cameras and spotlights, packaging machines, embroidering machines, automatic ticket gates and more.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”