With precise technology and rich product lineup, Taiwan Oriental Motor uses Motion System to meet a wide range of customer needs.
Japan Oriental Motor was founded in 1855 (オリエタルモタタwas established in 1950.) and was the first company to standardize small motors in Japan. Oriental Motor is committed to the development of new products and keeps growing with more than 6000 kinds of product lineups, including a certain speed of rotation of power, speed control requirements and positioning control and other higher-level movements, corresponding to all network specifications and linear drivers on site, and other institutional control as well as the correct temperature management.

While constantly developing the scope of its technology, Oriental Motor has also actively promoted the standardization of international specifications of products (it has obtained UL, CSA, EN/IEC, CE, UE, CCC and other national specifications), and had ISO9001 certification; in response to the world environmental protection standards, all its factories have also obtained ISO14001 certification so as to develop products that meet ROHS testing standards.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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KII Series AC Motors
Feature of Products
High efficiency motor ...
PKP Series 2-Phase_5-Phase Stepper Motors
Feature of Products
High positioning, High torque, Low vibration ...