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Tamagawa Seiki Co., Ltd. has more than 70 years of history and specialized in the research, development, and manufacturing of control and machine drive rotary parts and a variety of servo motor parts. Its performance has been excellent in semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the steel industry, which have promoted the rapid growth of Japan's industrial machinery.
Based on the high-quality reliability of its machines which enhance the production efficiency, it has also made a great contribution to Taiwan's basic major industrial equipment because it has not only elite technology in the control of machine rotary parts, but also ranked first in Japan in the research, development, and manufacturing of accuracy angle detectors.
There is a wide range of application industries of TAMAGAWA products, including manned, load handling machines and semiconductor equipment, high-precision industrial equipment, and even aerospace, aircraft, automobiles, elevators, etc.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
  • 2-Phase Step Motors Series
  • 5-Phase Step Motors Series
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2-Phase Step Motors Series
High Response, High torque
Small size and light weight ...
5-Phase Step Motors Series
smooth operation, Low vibration
Application Occasions ...