Close cooperation with high-precision instrument manufacturers
KAMO Seiko Corp. was founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of grinding professional mechanical transmission components and instruction in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Its products are all original designed, manufactured, sold zero back gap precise products which are popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Europe and the United States (sold with strategic partner NEXEN with the product name RPS (Roller Pinion System).
The company's main products are KAMO zero back gap roller pinion, cam ring, hollow rotating platform, zero back gap ball reducer (servo reducer), micro mechanical splitter, pneumatic divider (rotating cylinder) and so on. All are the original innovative mechanical transmission products developed, manufactured, and sold by the company itself.
The company's slogan is “YES WE CAN” and its vision is to have "big dreams, advanced skills and open mind". For the customer's demands, we can integrate our dreams and independent technology to provide creative solutions for customers, for which we will maintain "happy and initiative." In today's competitive world, we will accept the guidance and criticization of our customers and use our creativity more and spirit of research to make contribution to the industrial and social progress.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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BC Series Belt Crawler
Travel at high speed of 4 m/sec or faster is possible.
Gear meshing is very quiet because o ...
BR Series Non-backlash Ball Reducer
Non-backlash, low level noise
Compact & simple ...
MDF/MT Series Air Index Cylinder
Zero return errors, zero accumulated errors, zero spindle free position, zero reversal due ...
PDW Series Pearldex
Downsizing, high-precision, high-rigidity index
High-load, high-speed ...
PSR Series
Ultra-flat and compact
High rigidity, high precision, high efficiency ...
TCG Series Cam Rack/Ring & Roller Pinion
Non-backlash, High accuracy
Low noise, low vibration, and low dust ...