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NIDEC SANKYO CORPORATION is located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan and was founded in1946. Its basic manufacturing philosophy can be traced back to the start-up of the octet box mechanical technology, extended to many fields so as to support the diversification of motor technology, as well as servo control technology. With the continuous technological progress, NIDEC SANKYO has finally achieved the “Linkage * Mechatronics” state. In the future, NIDEC SANKYO will continue to uphold the concept of “Linkage * Mechatronics” to develop comfortable, convenient, and practical products.

The company's products include not only micro-motors, stepping motors and other motors but also card readers, industrial robots, to a variety of areas to expand the products from NIDEC SANKYO. Their application stage is the rapid development of IT, as well as multimedia domains and extended to business, life and even to a variety of industrial areas. NIDEC SANKYO contributes to creating new value by providing a variety of core components that enhance the quality and functionality of the cutting-edge equipment.
“Technology” that fulfills the needs of customers leads to the creation of “value”.
As a part of the Nidec Group, in order to contribute its world-class technologies accumulated for many years to customers, NIDEC SANKYO is aiming not only to further improve the quality of its technologies as well as the customer service and actively promotes daily activities but also to further improve the quality of output (products) by striving to respond as quickly as possible by rallying all of its employees around the three core principles of ''Passion, Enthusiasm and Tenacity'', ''Working hard and smart'' , and ''Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it until completed. '' Please keep observing and follow the future performance of NIDEC SANKYO.
“Sales territory is confined to Taiwan.”
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AC Servo motors Series S-FLAG Servo
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