Quality, Technic, Service all-in-one
TROY Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Motors, Motor drivers, Motor controllers and Gearhead series.
ISO9001 and ISO14001 was introduced into the company to establish a customer-oriented service system to fulfill the quality policy “ Providing the customers with good products and services ”. In 1999, we passed the audit conducted by TÜV Germany and got certificates of ISO9001 and ISO14001. We got the certificate of ISO9001 of year 2015 version again in 2017.
TROY is a creativity and idea company which places importance on system development.
Based on our capability, we will continue our commitment to innovate and support you in finding the proper products for your application. With our belief Quality, Technic, and Service, we can always meet your demand and be your best partner.
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A Series
Excellent cooling effect
Oil-proof/watertight/dust-proof(IP54) ...
Automatic Guided Vehicle
The electronic differential function simplifies the vehicle operation control.
Two modes ar ...
DC Brushless Motor
Low temperature, high efficiency, energy saving
High response, low vibration, high and low ...
Electric Linear Actuators / Cylinder Actuators
Electric Linear Actuators:
Ball screw and belt drive, suitable for multi-axis transmission ...
Parallel Type:
Integrated design - efficiency, strength, precision improvement ...
Hollow Rotating Table
Work objects can be locked directly
Convenient wiring ...
N Series
The exterior features a protective textured powder coating.
The entire series of gearbox pr ...
Stepper / Low Speed Motor/Linear Stepper Motor
High response, Positioning in high frequency ...
Stepper Motor Driver
Feature of Products
Suitable for 2 phase and 5 phase stepper motors of various brands ...
Stepper Servo motor Controller
The maximum operating pulse speed can reach 2kpps.
With external input signal contacts such ...
T-net Network communication series
AIOM Positioning Type Speed Control Motor:
Motor and controller combined into one. Reduce t ...