N Series

  • The exterior features a protective textured powder coating.
  • The entire series of gearbox products adopts aluminum alloy die-cast housing and bearing-fixed end cover, reinforcing the load-bearing structure of the gear system.
  • Improved motor and gearbox coupling method to prevent easy separation and locking issues during customer installation, reducing the occurrence of gear damage.
  • Enhanced motor characteristics with optimal temperature rise performance,comprehensive efficiency improvement of 15%.
  • Terminal box lowered in height, enlarged internal space, facilitating wiring with the flexibility to exit in any of the four directions.
  • The safety standard certifications of this series of products are as follows

Application Occasions
To improve the motor temperature rise, insufficient torque, large vibration, loud noise and other problems. AC induction motor series are suitable for occasions with insufficient gear strength, inaccurate precision, and oil leakage from the gearbox.