AC Induction Motor
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AC Induction Motor Series

Q: Do you know how long the temperature of the motor will start rising after the AC 110V is supplied to the torque motor?
A: That's right for you can ask me! Torque motor features a short-term binding so if the controller is supplied to the motor at 110V, do not use it longer than 5 minutes! Otherwise, the coil from will jump to temperature protection for overheating!
However, if you need to bind it for a long time, remember to lower the output voltage of the controller below 60V. Now, do you get it?
Q: If the electromagnetic brake motor does not need the electromagnetic brake function but will be used as a general motor, can we just disconnect the brake line?
A: Electromagnetic brake motor is non-magnetic dynamic type, so when power is off and the motor stops at the same time immediately, the retentivity will remain. So if the brake function is not required, the brake line needs connecting to the power to keep the motor running normally.
Q: When using a single-phase AC motor, do capacitors have to be connected?
A: When using single-phase AC 110V or single-phase AC 220V as the incoming power supply, must connect the capacitors in order to assist the motor in starting, but the capacitor will not be required with the 3-phase power supply.
Q: Can I use a speed regulator with 2 speed control motors for simultaneous operation?
A: A speed regulator needs to be paired with a speed control motor, but if you want two speed control motors to operate synchronously, they need to be paired with two speed regulators. You can use side-by-side operation wiring mode with a main regulator with variable resistance to do speed setting and then pair them with fine-tuning resistance for speed correction.
The main variable resistance value of VRX=(20KΩ÷N the number of stations in a row)‧N/4W
Fine-tune resistance value VRa=VRX ‧(5~10%)1/4W
Q: What is the cause to the high temperature when the speed control motor is running at low speed?
A: The characteristics of the speed control motor is that torque will decrease in low-speed field. When the motor torque is not enough to meet the needs of the mechanism, the current value flowing through the coil will keep increasing to generate greater torque. At the moment, the motor temperature will rise. As a result, we should avoid low-speed field when using the speed control motor, or we can use high and low-speed fixed torque brushless motor.